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Our Beauty Products

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Visage Precleanse 3 (fav).jpg

PreCleanse $47

Contains apricot, lavender and sunflower oil to deeply cleanse the skin from makeup and impurities. Best for all skin types.

Visage Intensive Moisture Cleanser.jpg

Intensive Moisture Cleanser $39.50

Contains BioReplenish Complex to help protect barrier lipids and nourish dry skin. Best for dry skin.

Visage Active Clay Cleanser.jpg

Active Clay Cleanser $39.50

Contains Kaolin Clay to absorb excess oil and charcoal to absorb impurities. Best for oily skin.

Visage Daily Glycolic Cleanser.jpg

Daily Glycolic Cleanser $35

Contains Glycolic Acid to brighten dull, and uneven skin tone to help remove build up. Best for all skin types wanting a brighter complexion.

Visage Active Moist 2.jpg

Active Moist $43

Contains a Prebiotic Moisture Complex and plant extracts to improve texture and hydrate. Best for normal to oily skin.

Visage Biolumin-c Gel Moisturizer.jpg

Biolumin-C Gel $65

Contains a stable Vitamin C complex, Squalane and five different types of Hyaluronic Acid to improve barrier defense, boost moisture, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Best for all skin types.

IMG_8729 2.JPG

Dynamic Skin Recovery $77

Contains SPF 50 and a unique polypeptide to help with skin aging and photoaged skin. Best for all skin types, dry, and aging.

Visage Intensive Moisture Balance 2.jpg

Intensive Moisture Blance $45

Contains a BioReplenish Complex and a Chlorella Algae complex to restore lipids, balance dry skin and rebalance skin's natural microbiome. Best for dry to very dry.

Visage Skin Smoothing Cream.jpg

Skin Smoothing Cream $44

Contains HydraMesh Technology™ to infuse hydration in the skin for 48 hours and reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss. Best for normal to dry.

Visage MultiActive Toner 2.jpg

Multi-Active Toner $35

Contains Arnica, Balm Mint and Lavender to hydrate and prep skin. Best for all skin types.

Visage Biolumin-c Serum 3 (fav).jpg

Biolumin-c Serum $89

Contains a stable Vitamin C complex to fight oxidative stress and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Best for all skin types

Visage Awaken Peptide Eye Gel.jpg

Awaken Peptide Eye Gel $56

Contains caffeine, Tetrapeptides and Rosemary Leaf Extract to minimize puffiness and fine lines. Best for all skin types.

Visage Invisble Physical 2.jpg

Invisible Physical Defense $55

Contains a Zinc Oxide based sunscreen with blue light protection to combat sun damage and early signs of aging. Best for all skin types.

Visage Skin Perfect Primer.jpg

Skinperfect Primer $55

Contains Soy Protein and peptides to even out skin texture and boost firmness. Can use alone or under foundation. Best for all skin types

Visage SCG 3 (fav).jpg

Special Cleansing Gel $64

Contains Quillaja Saponaria, a soap free formula, to gently cleanse skin and rise away toxins and dirt. Best for all skin types.


And More!

Visage Daily Microfoliant 4 (fav).jpg

Daily Microfoliant $62

Contains a rice-based powder and Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate skin, leaving a brighter complexion. Best for all skin types.

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