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Lash Lift VS Extensions

There is nothing like waking up and feeling beautiful. But what service is right for you? We are going to be breaking down what both a lash lift service and lash extension service contains, the up keep, and price differences.

Lash Lift

Lash lifts are perfect for the clients wanting the most natural look with just a little extra oomph. It uses your real lashes and permanently perms or curls them, and when paired with a tint, appears like you have the perfect natural lashes. Great for clients who have overly curly lashes wanting to have a more uniform curl, or even clients with straight lashes who want to break up with their lash curler. This is what I like to call the "I woke up like this" look.

Lash lift with brow lamination

Lash lift and tint

How a Lash Lift is Performed

The steps to receive a lash lift always starts with cleansing the lashes. The bottom lashes are then taped down to ensure they won't get in the way or be permed upwards. Eyes now stay closed for the rest of the service. A rod is then placed onto your eyelid, and the lashes are glued up onto the rod, ensuring that they are all evenly separated. Lash perms are typically a two step solution, varying in times. The first solution goes on, then processes and is removed. Second solution goes on, processes and also is removed. If you choose to pair a lash tint with this service ( I always recommend it ) the tint then goes on. After everything is processed, a little water is used to remove the lashes from the rod and to ensure no glue is left behind and then you're done! This service takes about 45 without tint and 1 hour with tint. Effects can last anywhere between 6-8 weeks

Things to Know Before Receiving a Lash Lift

There are a couple things you want to avoid doing 24- 48 hours after receiving a lash lift. You can't get your lashes wet, nothing hot or steamy, not sweating, and no rubbing of your eyes. If any of these situations occur, your lashes may not stay in the same curled pattern, because the perm is still setting in. There is also a chance that your lash lift may only lash 4 weeks. In this instance, it's most likely that a majority of your lashes where either baby new lashes, or lashes about to fall out. In that case, you would want to get back in around that 4 week mark to ensure your lashes would be on a different growth cycle

Who Would Love it? Who Would Hate it?

Clients who really want to keep it natural or tend to not really enjoy wearing makeup would really enjoy this service. Clients who also have the tendency to rub their eyes can feel easy while receiving this service knowing that after the 24 - 48 hour mark, they are in the clear. Clients who have really sensitive eyes, can't keep their eyes closed, very claustrophobic, or overly watery eyes should refrain from receiving this service.

Lash Extentsions

Lash extensions come in all different shapes and sizes, but you can always expect to have darker and fuller lashes than you had before! There is 3 different style of lash extensions you can receive, classic, hybrid, and volume, ranging from the most natural to the most full. It involves either gluing one fake lash to one real lash, or multiple thin lashes glued to one real lash, giving you that falsie look with minimal effort.

Hybrid Lash Set

Classic Lash Set

How Lash Extensions are Performed

Just like a lash lift, lash extensions always start off by cleansing the lashes and taping the bottom lashes down. This is to help so your bottom lashes done get stuck to the top lash in the process. After the client and the professional discuss length and style, eyes then stay closed and the lashes are mapped out for easy application. The professional then starts the lengthy process of separating your lashes and gluing individual hairs to your real lashes. Depending on the set you chose, classic is all one fake lash to one real lash, volume is all multiple thinner lashes fanned out and glued to one real lash, and hybrid is a 50/50 of the fanned lashes and single lashes. After every lash is placed, your lashes are then bonded and dried, checked for anything stuck, and then you're on your way. This service can take anywhere between 1.5 hours and 3 hours depending on the set and how many real lashes you have. Extensions last about 2 weeks before you would want to get them refilled

Things to Know Before Receiving Extensions

Similar to a lash lift, you also can't get your extensions wet, nothing hot or steamy, no sweating or rubbing your eyes 24-48 hours after getting your set. This can cause the glue to weaken and your lashes to fall out quicker. Some other things to avoid are sleeping on your side, smashing your face into pillows, picking at the lashes, wearing mascara, and not cleansing your lashes daily. Some clients are nervous to wash their lashes in fear that some lashes may fall out but this is normal, and not washing your lashes can lead to build up of oil and bacteria. A good suggestion is picking up an eye mask with divots for your eyes, clean mascara spoolies and of course a lash cleanser.

May professionals also won't work over someone else's work for safety concerns, and its important to talk to your professional when getting them filled in to ensure you have enough lashes and enough time if you go over the 2 week fill in mark.

Who Would Love it? Who Would Hate it?

Clients who want that false lash look without wanting to put on lashes every day would really enjoy having extensions. They are the perfect way to feel more put together without having to put any effort in. They can look more natural or more full depending on your style and you can even request for fun colors for an event or costume. Clients who have trouble laying still for long periods of time, claustrophobic, can't keep their eyes closed, watery eyes, sensitive eyes, chronic eye rubbers, stomach sleepers, or eye pickers should refrain from receiving this service.


Both services are great options and may people switch back and forth between the two depending on their life style or time of year, but it all depends on what look youre going for, how long youre willing to lay on the bed for, and how often you're willing to get it touched up.

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