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What is lifting and how do I avoid it?

There are many reasons why you might be denied a wax appointment, but one of the biggest negative effects you can have from waxing is lifting. Lifting is when the skin becomes compromised and tears, leaving you with a surface level abrasion, which will most likely scab. Before receiving a wax, you'll be asked multiple questions such as, are you using any retinol? AHA's or BHA's? When was your last chemical peel? It's very important to answer these questions truthfully to avoid the possibility of lifting. Retinol's, AHA's, BHA's and chemical peels exfoliate the skin, and when you combine that and the exfoliation from waxing, it's too much for your skin barrier to handle. Most estheticians ask for you to discontinue use of these products for 1-2 weeks before receiving a wax to insure clients safety. Some people may also lift if they have very sensitive skin, in that case, inform you esthetician and she may feel comfortable laying down a layer of oil to act as a barrier while still grabbing all your unwanted hairs. If your esthetician doesn't feel comfortable, or you're unable to discontinue use of products, opt for a tweeze.

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